Join us for the Visual Amalgam Show at Infusion Gallery

Visual Effects industry professionals showing off their artwork in a traditional fine art gallery setting. Come see works by Meats Meier, Steven Stahlberg, Pascal Blanche, Linda Bergkvist, Carlos Huante, Igor Knezevic, James Clyne, Nick Pugh, Roger Kupelian, Rob Frick, Evan Jacobs, Erick Schiele, Eric Hanson, Greg Downing, Ron Shirley, Be.Ritt, Patrick Finley, and more. One night only, don't miss the chance to see and even buy some of these great artist's creations. Much of this work will be for sale!

Along with this great artwork be sure not to miss what could possibly be the Worlds largest digital photograph. It's a 2.6 Gigapixel image, that's 2,600 megapixels. At 1/3rd scale this image is over 12 feet long.

Saturday, February 18th, 2006 7pm-2am

828 South Main Street, Los Angeles, California 90014

Audio for the night provided by the DJ's without borders crew John Courte and Jason Iverson.

Bar will be pouring till 2am, we've got our fingers crossed for a special appearance by the Martini Cartel.










Exhibiting Artists

Meats Meier

Steven Stahlberg

Pascal Blanche

Linda Bergkvist

Carlos Huante

Igor Knezevic

James Clyne

Nick Pugh

Roger Kupelian

Rob Frick

Evan Jacobs

Erick Schiele

Eric Hanson

Greg Downing

Ron Shirley


Patrick Finley

and more.....



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Thank you everybody for coming, the first Visual Amalgam Show was a great success!. There where over 500 people in attendance. The lousy weather didn't keep you from making it to the show. Be sure to check out the pictures from the show.

Show Pictures

It's not too late to catch the prints by Pascal Blanche, Steven Stahlberg, Linda
Bergkvist, Carlos Huante, James Clyne and Meats Meier.
Several of the artists
work has been held over and will be on display all week at Infusion Gallery.
The gallery hours are as listed:

Tues-Saturday 12-6pm

The works will also be on display Saturday night at the Cannibal Flower event on
Feb 25th at Infusion Gallery in downtown Los Angeles. The event will host 50+
artists, including these industry favorites. The event is from 9:30 pm till 2am.

828 South Main Street, Los Angeles, California 90014