Works by Pascal Blanche, Steven Stahlberg, Linda Bergkvist and James Clyne

Early evening

Works by Igor Knezevic, and Erick Schiele to the left

Igor chatting it up with Patricia who is displaying her handmade Jewelry

Early evening with Dover strutting his stuff.

The front door crew, Melanie, Shata and Rob

Jeff Kleiser describing to Erick Schiele how effects where done back in the 80's.

"if you drop the box with the punch cards in it your $#&@#%"

Igor Knezevic, Chris Nichols, Eric Hanson, Ron Shirley, and others.

Middle of the gallery, Roger Kupelian's work dead center

Patrick Finley with future father in law and Los Angeles architect Miguel Flores.

Erick, JD and Chris

Works by Meats Meier

Works by Roger Kupelian and Sculpture to the left by Be.Ritt

Works by Nick Pugh and Erick Schiele far right.

Works by Carlos Huante

Works by James Clyne


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